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Campania, a tariff integration project that affects an entire region.

Tariff integration in Campania has been a reality for more than twenty years, thanks to the impulse given by the Consorzio Unico Campania. The consortium brings together the local public transport companies AIR, ANM, SCAI Autolinee, BUSITALIA Campania, CIAV, CLP, COSAT, CTP, DAV, EAV, SITA, TRENITALIA, TROTTA BUS SERVICE, AUTOLINEE CURCIO, AUTOLINEE EREDI ARTURO LAMANNA, ETTORE CURCIO & SONS, FRANCESCO & GIUSEPPE MANSI Snc making available to its users 100% of the regional rail offer and 85% of the road offer.

SET, already since the birth of the Consortium (twenty years ago), began to collaborate by introducing various types of validators and systems, integrated with each other. Installed both on the vehicles and in the stations, to ensure tariff integration that affects the entire regional territory.

Every day with the integrated ticket, based on various technologies, more than 1.5 million passengers travel, with 25 thousand bus rides and 2,540 trains.

Set was therefore the consortium’s most natural choice to introduce new technologies such as: dematerialized tickets, based on QR codes, and the use of systems based on EMV bank cards, in accordance with the Transit model of Transport for London.

As part of this project and thanks to the award of the tender announced by ACAMIR (Campana Mobility Infrastructure and Networks Agency), SET has supplied more than two thousand validators, installed on board the vehicles and in the stations.

The validators provided allow you to validate travel documents equipped with magnetic stripe, QR code and systems based on EMV bank cards, in accordance with the Transit model of Transport for London.

The Tap2Go software allows interfacing the systems, installed on the territory, with the data centers of the consortium and of the region, guaranteeing the reporting and monitoring of the plants. A salient feature was the methodology used to guarantee the best rate to the end user “Best fare”, which is calculated by sophisticated algorithms based on the actual use of the ticket. The user just has to “plug” and travel, Tap2Go will take care of the rest.


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